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Arch Vinyl Window ReplacementVirginia Beach’s Chesapeake Bay is a harsh environment for any window hanging in its constant salty breeze. This salt coats, eroding and corroding, everything in its path. The working metal pieces of a window take most of its wrath. The salt destroys a window’s balancers, spacers, and locks, and creates a shock…to the one who opens the window that now falls to the ground, plop.

This home located in Virginia Beach off of shore drive near the resort, had windows punished by the harsh conditions of the Chesapeake. The original windows were merely builder’s grade and could not stand up to the environment for more than a decade. How the builder came to reason that these windows would last many seasons, is “beyond me.”

Glass Block WindowWe saw, in the sky, a beam of light asking The Window Man to come and fix these windows right. A theme song played loudly as we rushed to the scene to see that the condition of these windows was obscene. We replaced 23 builders’ grade windows with vinyl impact resistant ones from Vinyl Kraft. With all of their moving parts and pieces constructed from stainless steel, it is a fact that these windows will stand up to the challenges of the sea for our generation and those of our posterity.

We replaced arch windows, double hung windows, and glass blocks. We repaired sills and frames until our customer wasn’t in shock…that the windows did not fall to the ground, plop.


If you live at the beach, next time when reach to open your windows, don’t be surprised if you can’t get them closed. If this happens, signal for The Window Man. Repair, fix, or replace, we certainly can.