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Replacement Window Art in Virginia beachReplacement window installation is indeed an art form. Though some may say it is only a learned skill, or a craft, I disagree. Though the industry standard name for the window installer is the, well, “The Window Installer,” after years of experience they become artists whether they believe this themselves or not. And our customer as well as her tenants in this Virginia Beach Condo off of London Bridge would agree.

This window installation in Virginia Beach was for a friend,”THANK YOU!” It is a second home for this friend now, but was her first. With her many memories still attached, this home is on a pedestal in her mind, revered with the highest regard. She wanted to treat this house with love and respect so replacing its windows was what it deserved…or maybe the tenants just complained enough about how bad they were. Anyhow we replaced the windows.

windows in virginia beach and artAnd no, her tenants were not actually the complaining type. The one I communicated with was a very sweet girl and wife to be. Also, she was an artist. Though we came very early on a Saturday morning to replace the windows, she was very appreciative and amazed by how graceful our window installers surgically removed the sashes from the house and wrapped the exterior wood. “These men aren’t just installers or mere craftsmen, your window men are artists,” she explained in a deep Shakespearian tone, “They have transcended the window installer; they are true fenestrationists.” Actually she just told me my window man logo was creepy.

I believe she insinuated that the window man in my logo was a “Peeping Tom.” Talking back and forth about graphic design and image formats, I picked her brain about how to make the Window Man life-sized for a 3D banner. Though our talks were productive I ended up using an old printer to print out a huge Window Man on about 30 9x12 sheets of copier paper, glued them together and cut them out to make my template. I had made the Window Man really big…as tall as I am almost. I showed her what I did and her response was “thank god he doesn’t have eyes; it would be really creepy then.” “Thank you,” I replied, “I am no longer going to fix your door. May it shut poorly for years to come!” And then, I fixed the door anyway.

The Window Man Logo Larger

I let my friend know we were all finished at 12:30 P.M. She couldn’t believe we had finished the window installation that quickly: eight Vinyl Kraft Legacy double hung windows and a 6’ patio door in roughly 4 hours. Yes, this is was a true fenestrationist is capable of doing. The end result was beautiful. The home got what it deserved and the tenants can no longer complain.