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Rotten Wood Windows in Virginia Beach“I had my son mark all the rotten places that need repair and I want to see the fixes before you install my new windows,” our customer poignantly explained, “I’ll be watching like a hawk.” ”No problem” said the Window Man “we are here to restore and fix these once beautiful windows in your Virginia Beach home down to the core.” Yes, this customer was seemingly skeptical at first, and rightfully so. He had a bad experience in the past where one of the others had simply covered areas of rot. We explained to him that magicians, we are not. “Look the other way and we will cover away,” say some of the other window magicians in Hampton Roads, “POOF…your rotten problems are gone.” Though this sleight of hand results in a pretty end picture, it doesn’t solve any problems.

Replacement Windows Trustgard BeforeWood rot left untouched will spread. The decay fungi that break down the wood will feed until there is nothing left to eat. Though, aluminum wraps look great they also act like a greenhouse trapping in heat and water vapor creating the perfect moist environment for these decay fungi to thrive. Inversely, aluminum wraps also act as a protective barrier keeping moisture away from the surfaces they cover. But if the surface they cover is already wet, they serve no purpose. The process of wrapping or covering rotten wood is something I like to call “re-gifting.” When the next contractor “unwraps” the aluminum, he or she is presented with the same gift from first contractor, and usually a much more mature one—a fine wine turned to vinegar.

At this Virginia Beach, VA home located in Broad Bay point greens, we repaired and restored these windows into a better than original state. After performing the wood rot repairs, we installed 14 Vinyl Kraft Trustgard double hung windows. These windows were custom color matched to the exterior trim of the home. We also repaired two large picture windows on the front of the home and wrapped them with aluminum bringing to them years more of life. We gave our once skeptical customer a real gift, one of pride and integrity. He was very satisfied and explained that we can surely use him as reference.

We are not a normal replacement window company in Hampton Roads. We do what the others do not. We go above and beyond the call of duty to bring you the most professional workmanship in the Tidwewater area and in the replacement window industry as whole. Call The Window Man today.

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