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snow woman in norfolk VAYou can install replacement windows in Norfolk, VA in this weather? This particular window installation off of Halprin Drive in Norfolk certainly had its difficulties. The weather here in Hampton Roads certainly has been optimal for the construction industry during the past three weeks. The almost every day deluge of rain and snow endowed us with literally a “slippery slope” on which to perform our window and sliding—I mean siding—installations. Only one word can fully sum up our experiences with the stunning Mother Nature over the past few weeks: “F-U-N, FUN.” And to boot, straight from Mother Nature’s warm heart, she was kind enough to send over a very scrutinizing scout to watch The Window Man’s every move at this Norfolk, Virginia window installation. Her name was—and I do mean was— “Snow Woman.”

replacement windows norfolk, vaYes, Snow Woman had a head on her shoulders, alright. She watched and watched, and used her magic to spear the tops of our heads with icicles that darted down from under the eaves of the roof. She made our ladders slippery and unstable from the developing mud underneath their feet. She created an avalanche to cover our newly formed metal wrap from snow sliding off the warming shingles above. She was as cold as ice, this woman…poor Frosty.

Well, The Window man showed her. We installed twenty two Vinyl Kraft Legacy double hung windows and three Vinyl Kraft picture windows, all beige in color. We melted away her already hot head with our fanciful “ice capades,” as if she was the Wicked Witch of the West. Elegantly performing our window installation service like a true artist of the trade, we came installed and conquered the powerful Snow Woman, and returned her back to Mother Nature.

windows norfolk after installation windows norfolk after backside

We made another happy customer as we danced the dance of a true professional widow installation company. We gave this Norfolk, Virginia home a new look with new vinyl double hung and picture windows. These windows will be able to stand up to the harshest of conditions Mother Nature offers, weather (pun) it is another Snow Woman, hurricane, or simply rain. The owners of this Norfolk home said the neighbors liked the job too: “Send’em our way.”

snow woman after As rumor has it, Frosty is in the process of filing for divorce. After our dealings with this icy, cold hearted Snow Woman, I can understand why.