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Windows In Virginia Beach BaycliffIf you live near Cutty Sark Road or just enjoy a good whisky, let The Window Man install new replacement windows in your home. This house is located in Baycliff, a Virginia Beach neighborhood in Great Neck on Cutty Sark Road—the developer of this street clearly enjoyed his daily night caps. The owners of this home, two real estate agents, know the value and benefits replacement windows add to anyone’s home. They have lived in many areas in Hampton Roads and have experienced these benefits in their other homes. This couple recently moved into this house and is making it the right place for them to spend the next years of their lives. And of course, their having new windows installed in their Virginia Beach home was a no-brainer.

They received estimates from multitudes of window companies in Hampton Roads: Beach Windows, Mr. Rogers Windows, Paramount Builders, Window World Tidewater, and more. Before we even scheduled a home visit, we had several phone conversations with them rehashing everything they learned and heard from the other window companies. Though these companies do have great salespeople and give thorough window presentations, they chose us…quite an honor for The Window Man.

They liked the fact were right to the point. Replacing windows is not a huge production and we treat our sales presentations this way. If you have “X” amount of windows your price will be “Y.” If you add “Z” options, it will cost a little bit more, “XZ=Y.” The Window Man does not charge on an “a la carte” principle for windows. Most of the time, the “a la carte” options the other window companies in Hampton Roads charge for come standard with a window and window installation in the first place (e.g. double locks, night latches, removal of old windows, and disposal). An extra fee for something that intrinsically exists, or is necessity in order to install one’s new windows…well, it does not make one bit of sense.

The existing windows in this Virginia Beach home were previously painted with lead paint. This was one part of the process we did have to charge extra for. All contracting companies are required to properly abate lead in the areas of a home where it exists—we are a certified lead safe contractor. Essentially what we do is tape off the inside of the windows with tape, and by tape I mean a sticky roll of plastic film 36” wide. This keeps the lead out of the house if we should create any dust. The process is fairly simple; however, the film is somewhat costly.

The overall scope of work we performed at this home consisted of the installation of 27 Vinyl Kraft Legacy Double Hung windows, an 8’0 patio door, and a 6’0 French door. Our original contract with the customer did not include the French door, but sense we had everything else looking bright, shiny, and new, they decided, “Why not?” They enjoyed our services so much, that they also referred an acquaintance of theirs to us for a window installation in their Virginia Beach, VA home. We will be installing our “new” customer’s windows in a few weeks.

“Cutty Sark?”—a “cheers” was in order after another great window installation from The Window Man.

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