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Gasket Repair Virginia BeachIf you ever need your storefront windows repaired, replaced, or re-glazed, in Hampton Roads, Virginia, call the window man. We have experience with any and all commercial window and door systems and curtain walls. Our Most recent project of which located in Virginia Beach, VA at the Physiotherapy Associates Office required serious repair work. The installers who completed the original installation of this commercial window system, either lacked experience, or more than likely pride in his or her workmanship.

The construction of most modern commercial window systems is quite simple. They consist of an aluminum frame composed of vertical and horizontal rectangular beams, much like that of a tic-tac-toe board, which supports glass glazed in each one of the openings the beam structure creates. The glass installed by a process called glazing, stays in the aluminum frame with a vinyl or rubber strip, running the length of all its sides, both inside and out, called a gasket. The gasket is truly the lifeblood of the commercial window system—it holds the glass in place much like one would hold a glass of water.

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The Window Man is proud to offer the most competitive prices for bulk window projects on the market. The Window Man offers windows direct or turnkey, for new-construction and replacement windows. 

The Window Man has many programs available for the purchase and installation of these windows for builders, developers, architects, and property managers.  The Window Man guarantees that its prices are more competitive than any other window company, sales representative, or supply house in Hampton Roads and outside areas.  All of The Window Man's windows comply with the new energy guidelines expressed in the The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009—The Window Man is an Energy Star® partner.  Call to inquire about pricing or fill out our appointment form and we will be in contact with you within an hour.